Alt-Right $: Pieces of Eight

Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution 

Pieces of Eight and The Cross of Gold should be mandatory reading.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild is attributed with saying “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”  Whether this quote was said by a Rothschild is irrelevant, the simple truth expressed is accurate, as we see very clearly with Soros.

The dysfunction endemic in our country is fundamentally tied to monetary powers having been abdicated to ideologies hostile to our well being.

Here are several reviews which adequatly sum up how I would review it:

Reviewer Andrew Jackson from Amazon says:

Dr. Vieira is the most un-Harvard-lawyer-like Harvard lawyer you will ever meet. The “Dr.” comes from his Ph.D. in chemistry from the same institution, which he earned a few years before he went back and got his J.D. He is among the foremost Constitutonal scholars in the U.S., and the undisputed expert on the history and Constitutional Law of Money and Banking.

If you *really* want to learn something about American History, the History of Money, or the devolution over the past 150 years of what passes for ‘Law’ in these united States, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Pieces of Eight is an exhaustive, detailed, and copiously footnoted (but highly readable, and routinely fascinating) compilation, synthesis, and exegesis of the history and Constitutional Law (and un-Constitutional ‘law’!) of money and banking in the U.S, and is the result of a lifetime of research by a tenacious, literate, and scary-smart dude who is 3 for 4 in front of the Supreme Court.

If you want to know what the Framers of the Constitution *really* knew about money — actually, quite a lot, certainly MUCH more than our purported “statesmen” today — and why they put VERY specific language in the Constituton to ensure the proper rôle of money and banking consistent with a Free society, this book lays it out in stark, clear terms. In particular, if you want the definitive, airtight (and sordid) answers to politically incorrect questions such as “Why has nobody ever challenged the *clearly* unconstitutional Fed’s constitutionality in court?”, this book is the *only* place you’re going to find them….

Pieces of Eight nails the source of the wrongness indelibly to the wall. In the words of an Amazon review appearing as of this writing: “Reading the last few chapters of this the 2d edition released in 2002 is like reading prophecy about the economic situation that the US is experiencing in 2009.”

People who know me well know I’m definitely not one to go around spouting Bible verses, but in this case, one sticks out — Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Dr. Vieira is taking the risk that there are a sufficient number of people out there who care enough about our Republic to take the effort to learn what TRULY went wrong, and how to fix it. If there are not, and the free market of ideas (what little is left of it and the 1st Amendment, anyway) does not choose to support it, then we are all truly, utterly, and completely screwed anyway.

Is that the case? Or will you do what is necessary, NOW, to read this book, and ensure that this powerful “sword of knowledge” does not remain sheathed?

Reviewer D. P. Owen from Amazon says:

This is a mammoth, exhaustive history of the money of the United States, from before the Constitution down to the present. It is the greatest work of erudition that I have every seen by a single person. It is two volumes and over 1700 pages with 6000+ cites. The author has read and analyzed all the court cases, Congressional debates, laws concerning money, banking, etc. through out US history. He tells the places where the US went wrong economically, constitutionally, and monetarily and what to do about it to correct it. The author is a lawyer who believes in original intent interpretation of the Constitution and is of the Austrian school of economics. Reading the last few chapters of this the 2d edition released in 2002 is like reading prophecy about the economic situation that the US is experiencing in 2009. This book is highly recommended. It is expensive to buy and can only be found used at this time. I got it on interlibrary loan.

Reviwer Sunnankar from Amazon says:

Pieces of Eight is THE definitive legal treatise on monetary jurisprudence. I have trained my own economic Padawans but Dr. Vieira is the Master Yoda of this branch of learning and Pieces of Eight is his seminal and impeccable work. This is an essential reference resource for anyone interested in money, currency and American law. These books are not for the intellectually lazy or undisciplined.

Reviewer DiscipleAaron from Amazon says:

The work is assembled logically, mostly along the time-line of history that American economics has traveled over its course. From pre-Constitution epochs, through our 13 colonial paper money experiments, through the Coinage Acts of early times, through the first Greenbacks, and into the modern era of “the Fed.” No stones are left unturned in true, constitutional scholarship fashion within these covers.

Worth whatever might be the price, in new or used varieties — if you want to understand American money, this is the ONLY source of information you will likely ever need. But again, it was written by a scholar. And it should be read by scholars. Put on your thinking cap before sitting down to read it. You will never regret owning it. Every member of every state legislature ought to fully digest it before taking their oath of office. Even more so for congress-critters. You need not pawn off the subject of economics to “professionals.” Read and understand what Dr. Vieira exposes in this writing, and you will know vastly more than the “professionals” do about the monetary clauses of our common Constitution.

Pieces of Eight is more like a reference book, a treasured reference at that.

To give you an idea of what is in there, you can read Edwin Vieira’s Cross of Gold PDF, which deserves its own review as well.  This needs to be memed into weaponized form…time to buckle down and get Kek to work on making the monetary powers and disabilities of the Constitution of the United States into bite sized memes.

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